Episode 02 - Adrian Octavius Walker

When the idea to start a podcast for Tailored Heritage first came about, we knew exactly who was going to be our first guest on the show - and his name is Adrian Octavius Walker.

Adrian is an extremely well-respected photographer and mixed-media artist who we’ve grown close to since he moved to Oakland in 2016. In this episode, Adrian gives us an intimate look at his journey, beginning with his upbringing in St. Louis. He shares personal memories with us, many of which are tied to his everlasting connection to his late mother, who passed away when he was only 10 years of age. He also shares moments from his career as a professional photographer - like his first big break as the tour photographer for Lupe Fiasco and Stalley. Follow along as Adrian shares moments that have shaped his life - both personally and professionally.

You can find out more about Adrian on his website and follow him on Instagram

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